all about this kid

Last Sunday, I believe when we were already in Tulsa and not just on the way there, Hubby and I realized that Baby Chickadee did not, in fact, have the next day off school like her brother and sister did. But we were already at my parents’ with expensive CAKE tickets in hand + it’s only preschool soooooo … what are ya gonna do? We shrugged our shoulders and kept her out of school, that’s what we did.

Then her next appointed day of school–Wednesday–she and I were late getting into the truck to leave (as always) when I happened to pull out the previous week’s sheets from her backpack and saw that she was supposed to bring a picture of herself and a picture of her family for the All About Me wall in the hallway no later than Monday, November 3. November 3 being the day we’d kept her out of school.

Mental head slap and mom fail and all those other cliches.

So I made us a bit later by running inside our house to get the new pic of her from school and the pic of our family off our wall upstairs and gave them to my daughter. We drove to school, she turned in the pics, two teachers commented on how they’d missed her on Monday, and that was that.

Here she is in front of the wall!

allaboutdaphAnd the answers to her questions:

What I like most about me: I’m good at ballet [she’s never had a ballet class in her life, those skillz are all self-taught]

My favorite color is: blue

My favorite sport is: basketball

 My favorite T.V. show is: My Little Pony

My favorite book is: Frozen books

I like to eat: grilled chicken

When I grow up I want to be: scientist [yaaaaaahhhh baby]

round two

Last spring Little Missy started asking for a phone, to which I responded, “No.” My internal monologue continued with, “You are only in second grade! What do you need with a phone?”

But the more she came at me with her big brown eyes, the more I questioned my knee-jerk response. As Hubby and I talked it over we decided there was no real reason she shouldn’t have one; I was in second grade when my aunt and uncle bought me a phone that I plugged into the wall of my bedroom and I loooooved my beautiful purple phone. Little Missy was only asking for a modern-day version of a landline. She wasn’t asking for Instagram or Facebook or any problematic apps; she only wanted a phone that could call me and her father and her aunt and her grandparents.

So we let that little cutie buy a cheap flip phone with pay-as-you-go minutes. Here she is calling her Auntie Hayley the first day, whilst on the highway driving to Auntie Hayley’s house.



And I’m thinking it was three days later when she lost that thing.

Then late summer she started asking for another phone, started saving her money for another one. Hubby would get frustrated after she left the room. “She’s just going to spend her money on this thing and lose it again.” Totally true, but I figured that it was her money, and if she wanted to waste her money on the thing then money management lessons and all that stuff.

Little Missy started looking at for phones, started comparing those to the ones on When we were grocery shopping she’d smile at me and ask if maybe we could look at the phones just real quick? Eventually she decided on a blue and white phone from that we ordered, received about a week later, only to find out we needed to purchase a plan with it–even just a cheap no-contract monthly plan–but it was no good for her. Her allowance doesn’t allow for that kind of extravagance. So after frustrated tears and a bit of venting, we returned it.

Last night we were on a Mommy Date when she came at me with those big brown eyes and asked if we could look for a phone. So we walked around Target, asked the Target electronics lady about an AT&T phone and the minutes that go with it, texted my friend Melissa who then called me and put me on the phone with her husband Ty because he used to work for AT&T and knows what’s going on, as opposed to the Target electronics lady who couldn’t satisfactorily explain why the minutes on the prepaid card ran out after 30 days when the card clearly stated they ran out after 90, then Little Missy and I drove to Walmart and stood in line for a long ol’ time before a Walmart electronics guy helped us purchase a T-Mobile phone with a $3/month plan. And now Little Missy has a touch screen phone that she very well might lose in three days but boy is she happy. Last night after bedtime she came down the stairs. “Um, you know how when you get something new you just want to look at it? So, yeah, I just want to look at my phone again real quick.”

Oh! I should also say that after the Walmart guy figured out a phone for us he had to go to the back to find one and I took the opportunity to call my husband. “Should we let her buy this??? It is so expensive and she is just going to lose it.” To which he responded that it is her money and money management and all that stuff. Another affirmation that it is good to have a partner you trust implicitly as you raise children, someone to calm you down as you’re ever-so-slightly freaking out in Walmart.

And here’s pictures of my happy daughter enjoying her phone.

Calling her Daddy before even leaving the store:


And getting a text from her mama while on the porch:



So, ya know, your kid having a phone is kind of fun.

to see a concert

My husband occasionally scrolls through upcoming shows at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, and while perusing a while back he found that CAKE was soon to be there. He mentioned it to me, we nodded at each other as old married couples who share the same brain wavelength do and thought, Hey that would be fun, but should we spend the money on it? Because there’s always something more adult, more responsible to do with your money than go to a concert of a band you really do enjoy and have never seen in concert (him) and especially haven’t seen in a small, great venue like Cain’s; there’s always savings or groceries or something else that needs to be funded. The discussion never fully died, a resolution never firmly made. It just slid onto the backburner, only to move forward into a discussion once we’d neglected it for too long and the desire started burning again in our bellies. Then we again wouldn’t make a decision, just a nod toward each other with a, Man, that would be nice, but responsibilities and stuff.

Then a week and a half ago I decided to forget savings and whathaveyou. Let’s go to the concert. Experiences are important, ya know?

But I didn’t tell my husband! I texted my parents (since they live in Tulsa, for those of you who don’t remember every detail of my life) when he wasn’t looking, worked out that they were free and could handle the Fox Force Five as overnight guests and the Fox Force Children as babysitting charges while Hubby and I stood in the back row and quietly nodded our heads along to the music of CAKE.

Turns out I’d waited too long to make my decision and the tickets were all sold out. So I put my faith in a nice guy with good grammar off Craigslist and bought some tickets he decided that he couldn’t use (“I mean, I just can’t take off work.” Apparently he believed in behaving like a responsible adult.).

And then all week I did not tell my husband. I didn’t tell anyone, except G and Little Missy, because the best way for me to not tell a secret is to forget the secret. Then I won’t accidentally spill the beans.

But the beans were almost spilled on Saturday night at dinner when Hubby asked G, “So Sam’s birthday party is tomorrow, right?” G had forgotten about the party that he couldn’t attend since we’d all be in Tulsa so he shook his head no, but Little Missy not only remembered Sam’s party but also remembered that we needed to play like we were going to be in Kansas that day and so she leaned over to him and nodded nodded nodded to revive his memory. Then his cheeks flushed red and he casually said, “Oh. Yeah.”

Finally Sunday morning I got to roll over in bed and say, “Well, I guess we should pack the truck for Tulsa.”

That man’s excitement was tempered by the fact that he had to work Monday. Adult responsibilities and all. I thought we could neglect those for a day, that he could just call in sick. Because the thing is, he refuses to call in sick even when he is, so he has all these sick days just waiting for him, taunting him because he won’t ever use them and they’ll just fall off at the end of the year. So I thought we should use those suckers and show them who’s boss!

But no. One half of our union decided to grow up and be responsible. It wasn’t me.

So we ate at the Brook, went to the concert, bought t-shirts, didn’t stay for the encores, got back to my parents’ where Hubby slept for 3 hours, then he drank coffee and 5 Hour Energy, drove 3 hours back to Kansas so that he could be at work by 6, then he drove back to Oklahoma to pick up the children and me from a halfway point before driving all of us home.

I think it was all worth it! Holding hands and eating at an old favorite restaurant and listening to music and just being Shannon and Erin for a night. It was good. Despite all the driving and not-sleeping he had to endure.

And now some pictures!





some light Sunday reading for you

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