valentine’s day

For Valentine’s Day we enjoyed a lot of food.

I treated the kids to milkshakes and fries at Jimmie’s Diner for lunch before going to the store to buy food in order to make food before eating food.  It was a good day.


 Making cookie cake later in the day:


In the morning G and Little Missy rushed to create homemade Valentine’s without a prompt for me.  They have the sweetest souls.


that time my husband totally made the right call

It’s very important to me to get a Sunday afternoon nap.  One Sunday afternoon as Hubby and I fell asleep on opposite ends of the couch I jumped up and pointed to my seven-month-pregnant belly that was filled with a precious G and screeched at my husband, “What are we doing? We will never get Sunday afternoon naps now!”

To which Hubby, nonplussed (alllways nonplussed), simply said, “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

What I didn’t know is that we WOULD get our Sunday afternoon naps with a baby in the house, then we did with another baby in the house, then we didn’t with toddlers in the house, then we did with a baby and one pre-k/one kindergartener in the house.  Now we are to the point where none of our children nap but we do; if we sit them in front of a movie then we get to sleep and it is glorious.

Back in December Hubby decided they couldn’t watch a movie while we slept; they’d had too much screen time in their short lives.  This plan didn’t work in my brain.  Our children allowed to interact while we’re not around? While we DON’T WANT to be around? Interacting leads to fighting which leads to yelling which leads to me getting woken up, which I do not like. But I let Hubby have a go with his plan, crazy though it was.

Right as we got into bed the screeching started.  My blood pressure rose as I laid there, trying NOT to get up.  The screeching continued and my husband put his arm across me.  ”They’ll figure it out.”

And they did.

And they did for HOURS, people.  Hours.  After that they played sweetly for hours. When we got out of bed they were still playing sweetly, having found a way to work through their issues, or at least to push them down and ignore them for the sake of playing.

Since then we’ve started a new way of handling their arguments.  Screeching? You’re going upstairs to play together. Complaining over not getting your way? You’re going upstairs to play together. And sometimes this REALLY REALLY WORKS.

Yesterday after school G and Little Missy griped at each other during Treat Time.  She said something that he didn’t understand and annoyed that he didn’t hear her the first time, she wouldn’t repeat herself.  And as my blood pressure rose I remembered that glorious afternoon back in December and sent them upstairs to play together.

Which is where I found them an hour later, sweetly playing Legos with each other and with Baby Chickadee, too.

Kudos to my husband on a new way to make our kids get along.