on greed

Me: I wonder if I should give away my cowboy boots after I open my new boots [soon-to-be-opened present from my mama] at Christmas.

Husband: Why?

Me: Well, how many pairs of tall brown boots does one girl need? It seems kind of greedy.

Husband, glancing up from his phone upon realizing what I was talking about and then looking at me out of the corner of his eye: Give away what boots? Your cowboy boots? Nah, the cowboy boots are different. You’re fine.

Me: Yeah… but I will wear them interchangeably.

Husband: Well that’s your problem.


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thoughts while in a dressing room

The problem with shopping at Goodwill is that you can’t return what you buy, so you will find yourself standing in the dressing room while your four-year-old sweetly, GRACIOUSLY rattles on her story nearby and you vacillate between buying one or both pairs of jeans that you have miraculously found.

Because all the other trips you’ve taken to Goodwill, all the other times you’ve dug through the racks of jeans only to find bootcut or straight leg, never the skinny jeans in your size, have made you appreciate finding TWO PAIRS OF JEANS ON THE SAME DAY that fit. This is like a once-every-couple-of-years occurrence. Today you’ve found one AMAZING pair, and one pair that might be amazing but they’re a little snug, but they might be the exact same size as the only pair of jeans you have at home that you like quite a bit, so maybe this is a puffy day for you? Maybe the mocha from Scooter’s with your sweet pea four-year-old and the Chinese chicken from Dillon’s with your sweet pea four-year-old have made you puffier than you would be on a normal day and so that second pair of AMAZING jeans from Forever21 via Goodwill might just fit you most days of the week, most days when you’re eating a bit healthier? Maybe you won’t regret buying them and long for an actual return policy at Goodwill?

But then you don’t want to be greedy because you have other pants at home, as in lots and lots of black leggings that you wear under all your skirts, so you don’t really NEED another pair of pants, cuz even a $4 pair of possibly AMAZING jeans can be greedy when you don’t really need them, ya know?

In the end you decide to buy them because… $4. And you convince yourself that three pairs of jeans isn’t gratuitous.

next time we’ll plan the appropriate outfit

This morning as I helped Baby Chickadee get ready for preschool she said to me, “I am going to dance when I go into my classroom.”

Later, as I closed the door to our truck and was about to take her hand in the preschool parking lot, she said, “Wanna see how I’m gonna dance? For my preschool classroom?” Then she did a very dramatic spin and attempted to land on one foot.

After I hugged her and kissed her, she walked into her classroom without a twirl, all the way to the back of the room with the teacher, completely sans dance. I was ignoring my friend Jayme so I had to tell her why I was watching my kid for so long.

Tonight I asked Baby Chickadee why she didn’t dance into her classroom as she’d planned. “Well I didn’t want to look weird.” Then she dramatically motioned to her outfit. “Because I am wearing PANTS, and it would look SO WEIRD to dance in pants.”

Aaaaand Baby Chickadee from her Birthday Celebration with Auntie Hayley. I’m pretty sure she’s singing and dancing right here, which is totally appropriate, seeing how she’s wearing a skirt.